Dolphin Cruise with Laramon Catamaran Tours

Laramon Tours operate 2 motorised catamarans that can accommodate up to 50 people, (which is only 70% of the actual seating capacity), between them and offer ample space on deck to walk around and enjoy the cruise.

All tours and cruises depart from they private pier, located in the Walvis Bay harbour / lagoon area. There you can enjoy a cup of coffee with an unobstructed view over the Harbour area while waiting to go onboard. Laramon Tours still do the original cruise which take you through the Walvis Bay Harbour, Bird Island, Pelican Point, Oyster Farms and back. This route is aproxmately 30% longer, therefore you get 30% more value for your money.

Activity Option 1
Laramon Catamaran Cruise (3.5 h cruise)
Entertainment on the cruise are left to low flying pelicans, sea gulls, cormorants displaying their amazing ability to spot fish held out or thrown from the boat and the ease with which they can catch it in mid air while in full flight, or swoop down and pick it out of your hand without missing a beat. As we glide along, we will be joined by seals and dolphins alongside or surfing in the slipstream of the catamarans motors. Some old friends might join us onboard for their snacks while the dolphins frolic around the catamarans.

 • Pick-up from Swakopmund Plaza Hotel: 08h00 (included)
 • Start of activity:    09h00
 • Price per adult:   N$ 600
 • Price per child (up to 11 years) N$ 300



Activity Option 2
Sandwich Harbour Dolphin Cruise Combo (7.5 h tour)
A full day combination of the classic Walvis Bay dolphin cruise and a 4x4 dune excursion into Sandwich Harbour. The tour starts off on the water with the Marine Cruise. You disembark on the Lighthouse Jetty at Pelican Point where 4x4 vehicles await and the dune excursion into Sandwich Harbour starts. Lunch which includes fresh Walvis Bay oysters & sparkling wine is served in the dunes.

 • Pick-up from Swakopmund Plaza Hotel: 08h00 (included)
 • Start of activity:    08h30
 • Price per adult:   N$ 1.600
 • Price per child (up to 11 years) N$ 1.200

Minimum participants for pick-up: 2 persons Start- and pick-up time is an indication (weather permitting) and will be confirmed by our reception.


As most of our guests are staying only a few days in our wonderful town we strongly recommend to pre-book the activities with us. The availability of a few activities are sometimes very limited.