Activity Overview

Swakomund and the surrounding areas offer a variety of interesting activities. Therefore it makes sense to spend a few days in Swakopmund. Whether on land, at sea or in the air, there is certainly something for everyone!

The following list is very long, but see the positive: All this activities are available in our nice and unique Town "Swakopmund" :) If you click on "More Info" you will get detailed information on each activity, including operator, prices, start times, durations and a few pictures (slide show). For most of the activities you will even find a video.

As most of our guests are staying only a few days in our wonderful town we strongly recommend to pre-book the activities with us. The availability of a few activities are sometimes very limited.

By the way: The activity booking service is tollay free of charge for guests of Swakopund Plaza Hotel!


Sightseeing flights

Swakopmund is an ideal location for sightseeing flights. No matter whether you fly over the "moon landscape", along the Swakop river bed or over the Kuiseb River, the dunes of the Namib Desert and the fascinating Sossusvlei. A flight from Swakopmund is a highlight that you should not miss. There are many routes offered but each of them are an unforgettable experience.

    Fat Bike Scenic Desert Tour or Beach Cruise

Join us on an unforgettable and unique ecological Namibian cycling experience in and around the charming historic town, Swakopmund. Feel the fresh coastal air, take-in the silence and breathtaking scenery of the oldest desert in the world while enjoying the thrill of cycling up and down Namibia’s famous dunes. Guaranteed to excite and offer an unforgettable and unique cycling experience.


Dolphin Cruise with Sun Sail Catamarans  

The Catamarans are motorized and sailing vessels. The emphasis is on Sailing and all the romance and luxury associated with this fine way of travelling on the seas. Catamarans offer a stable platform for viewing marine life and is ideal for elderly persons as embarking and disembarking is easy.  
These tours are excellent for viewing the marine life on the Walvis Bay Lagoon with a close encounter with seals, dolphins, birds, Whales, turtles, and Sun Fish


Dolphin Cruise with Laramon Catamaran Tours

Laramon Tours operate 2 motorised catamarans that can accommodate up to 50 people, (which is only 70% of the actual seating capacity), between them and offer ample space on deck to walk around and enjoy the cruise. Entertainment on the cruise are left to low flying pelicans, sea gulls, cormorants displaying their amazing ability to spot fish held out or thrown from the boat and the ease with which they can catch it in mid air while in full flight, or swoop down and pick it out of your hand without missing a beat.


Tommys Living Desert Tour

This Living Desert Tour is a memorable 4x4 adventure drive through the dunes outside Swakopmund. Search for the life in this apparently barren landscape: Sidewinders, Palmato Geckoes, Namaqua Chameleons, Fitzsimons Burrowing Skinks, Sand-Diving Lizards, Scorpions, etc. You will informed about the plant-life, insects and minerals as well, and you will experience a 'roaring' dune.


Chris Living Desert Adventure

This Living Desert Tour is a unique 4x4 adventure which specializes in bringing the desert to life while sharing the awesome beauty of the Namib Desert with travelers from all over the world. The coastal dune belt may seem barren and lifeless to many people, but in fact it is alive with a fascinating variety of little desert adapted animals, which are able to survive on the life-giving fog which consistently rolls in from the cold Atlantic Ocean.


Sandwich Harbour 4x4 Excursion

A 4x4 excursions with accomplished guides to one of Namibia’s most spectacular and inaccessible destination, Sandwich Harbour.

Sandwich Harbour is approximately 40 km south of Walvis Bay. It is a Ramsar heritage site situated within the confines of the Namib Naukluft Park. It is a beautiful setting with the lagoon flanked by high dunes to the East and the sea to the West.


Living Dune Tour with Charlys Desert Tours

The Living Desert Tour exploring the dunes-belt between Walvis Bay & Swakopmund. Life giving fog sustains adapted fauna & flora. Come explore the life with us seeing Sidewinder Snakes, White Lady Spiders, Namaqua Chameleons, Dancing Lizards and many more!


Namib Desert Tour with Kallisto Tours

We travel along the small-holdings on the northern bank of the Swakop River into the oldest desert of the world, the Namib Desert. Your tour-guide will explain the origin of the Namib Desert and explain the geological and climatic conditions of this coastal desert. As we proceed further we leave every trace of civilisation behind and find ourselves surrounded by the rugged and rocky scenery of the Namib Desert.


Namib Desert with Charlys Desert Tours

Our way from Swakopmund to one of the oldest deserts in the world leads us at first to the old steam engine „Martin Luther“. You will hear interesting stories about the colonial times of german South West Africa while you continue to the dry river bed. We drive along the Swakop river bed and discover in this wide, ruff area beautiful minerals, „living stones“ and ages old plants like the prehistoric Welwitschia Mirabilis.


Mineral Tour with Kallisto Tours

We travel in a north-easterly direction towards the Rossing Mountain some 35 km from Swakopmund. Experience the impressive scenery of the mountain and its Dolerite outcrops from close quarters. En route we stop at a former Aragonite-mine and study some calcium druses (crusts of crystals lining rock-cavities).


Spitzkoppe Excursion with Kallisto Tours

We travel in a north-eastern direction to one of Namibia’s best known landmarks: the Big Spitzkoppe, also known as the Matterhorn of Africa. This so-called “Inselberg” is a granite outcrop which rises 780m above the surrounding Namib Desert; its total height above sea level is 1728m. Before we come to the Spitzkoppe we pass through a village populated with the indigenous Damara people.


Pelican Point Kayaking

Experience a leisurely trip to witness splendid scenery filled with exquisite flamingos, pelicans, terns, plovers, cormorants and sandpipers on the lagoon bird watching trip. Whilst on the Pelican Point trip enjoy excellent bird viewing, seals and occasionally dolphins.


Cape Cross Seal Colony Tour with Kallisto Tours

We travel along the coast in a northerly direction and visit some salt-pans where Flamingos can be seen. We continue along the coast and stop once more to take a closer look at a ship wreck. We also inspect some lichen-fields next to the salt-road. Afterwards we proceed to the Cape Cross seal reserve. Here in 1486 a Portuguese explorer named Diego Cao, the first European to set foot in Namibia, erected a stone cross in honour of King Juan I of Portugal.


Urban Tours with Kallisto Tours

The tour of Historical Swakopmund concentrates on the historical part of Swakopmund. Your guide will relate the history of Swakopmund and explain the origin of the various historical buildings in town. However, the tour is not confined to the historical center, but also includes “millionaire’s mile”, the northern suburbs and the townships.


Township Tour

The tour starts on foot through the streets of Mondesa taking the opportunity to chat with the local people and getting a fascinating glimpse into a typical Namibian township and learn about their cultures and traditions. Then you will hop back into the township mobile and drive out to the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC).


Quad Biking

Experience the sheer thrill of riding a quad bike through Namibia's boundless expanse of shifting sand dunes. After the engines are revved up and ready to roll, an experienced guide will lead you through the Swakopmund River mouth into the dune belt. Feel the freedom of riding through one of nature's great wildernesses.


Golfing @ Rossmund Golf Course

This golf course in the middle of the Namib Desert is truly spectacular! The course lies at the - usually dry - riverbed of the Swakop Rivier, this is only one of five desert golf courses in the world. Often one can see springbok and various birds, at times even Oryx antelopes. Rossmund is a golf course of the masterclass.




Shore or Boat options are available. Good catches can be expected all year round. The following species can be caught: Kabeljou, Steenbras, Barbel, Galjoen, Garrick and various sharks. Experienced skipper and guide on board.



Lie-down or stand-up boarding. No experience is needed for either and 6 different slopes are included in the lie-down option. Speeds of up to 80km/h can be reached for the maximum adrenaline buzz. Stand-up sand boarding is snow boarding with a difference.


Tandem Skydiving

Before taking off, an experienced Tandem Master will give full instructions on the procedures that will follow. Once in the plane you will enjoy a 35-minute scenic flight over the area climbing to 10,000 feet. After exiting the plane, a 30-35 sec at 220km/h free fall will follow before the parachute opens...



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