Tandem Skydiving

Before taking off, an experienced Tandem Master will give full instructions on the procedures that will follow. Once in the plane you will enjoy a 35-minute scenic flight over the area climbing to 10,000 feet. After exiting the plane, a 30-35 sec at 220km/h free fall will follow before the parachute opens. Once under the canopy, another 5-8 minutes are enjoyed whilst descending to a tiptoe landing outside the club house.

Tandem Skydiving in Swakopmund has a 100% safety record and guarantees enjoyment in the safest way possible!

Tandem Skydiving
After driving out to the Drop Zone which is in the beautiful Namib Desert, adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, you get trained and dressed to go skydiving. With your tandem master you take a short walk to the aircraft and that is when your adventure begins.

During the twenty-five minute breathtaking scenic flight up to 10 000 feet above Swakopmund and surrounding areas, your tandem master will re-brief and crosscheck all the skydiving equipment, and ensures that you are confident and comfortable and ready to skydive. At 10 000 feet just prior to exit you put on the skydiving goggles, shuffle to the door and with a “ready set go” you fall from the aircraft. As you fall towards the ground at a speed of approximately 200km/h the fresh Atlantic air rushes by. Your adrenalin kicks in and you finally know what it feels like to fly.

After your adrenalin rush of 30 sec freefall the tandem master deploys the parachute and you gently slow down as the canopy inflates above. A comfortable ride under a fully inflated parachute lowers you gently down, until you touchdown safely back on the desert floor.

 • Pick-up from Swakopmund Plaza Hotel: by arrangement (included)
 • Start of activity:    by arrangement
 • Price per adult:   N$ 2100

Video & Photos from your skydive
Approx 5 min video filmed by a professional cameraman, saved onto a DVD with digital photos, Price: N$ 850

There is a minimum and maximum weight restriction!




The availability of this activities is sometimes very limited. Therefore we strongly recommend to pre-book the activitiy with us