Swakopmund Township Tour

The tour starts on foot through the streets of Mondesa taking the opportunity to chat with the local people and getting a fascinating glimpse onto a typical Namibian township to learn about their cultures and traditions. Then you will hop back onto the township mobile and drive out to the Democratic Resettlement Community (DRC).

During the brief drive we pass through Meduletu, NHE and government based housing projects. This is a wonderful sight to see; because people finally have the opportunity to buy low cost houses.

Activity Option 1
Township Morning Tour (4.0 h tour)
You have the opportunity to visit a local kinder garden (crèche). We normally visit ‘Mercy Kinder garden’ in DRC. We stop at a local shebeen ‘Back of the Moon’ where TASHA & Co will host you, Ovambo style. We begin with a few drinks in the Shebeen-African bar\pub and play some pool (snooker) then we move over to the ‘Lumbumbashi’ restaurant, a traditional ‘ovambo’ hut, and indulge in some unusual foods...

 • Pick-up from Swakopmund Plaza Hotel: 10h00 (included)
 • Start of activity:    10h10
 • Price per adult:   N$ 450
 • Price per child (up to 11 years) N$ 225

Activity Option 2
Township Evening Tour (4.0 h tour)
We share a cup of fresh mint tea at ERNST & ELSIE’s house. Together they have created a beautiful home. Ernst is an eccentric artist come engineer come entertainer. He is self-employed and hand paints T-shirts, mostly for kiddies!

 • Pick-up from Swakopmund Plaza Hotel: 15h00 (included)
 • Start of activity:    15h10
 • Price per adult:   N$ 450
 • Price per child (up to 11 years) N$ 225

Minimum participant for both tours: 2 pax






As most of our guests are staying only a few days in our wonderful town we strongly recommend to pre-book the activities with us. The availability of a few activities are sometimes very limited.